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  • Extra large capacity models
  • 224000 gal chlorine maximum pool size at 34 gpm
  • 99200 gal bromine maximum pool size at 34 gpm
  • Treats 97600 gal with trichlor
  • Heavy duty control valve for accurate feed rate adjustment
  • Flow through circulation allows maximum output of sanitized water
  • Screen and check ball are easy to reach for cleaning and periodic maintenance
  • Lock ring spins off, freeing lid and providing easy access. Snap-lock provides secure seal
  • 1-Year warranty
  • No special venting required
  • Completely enclosed - no escaping gases
  • Positive external no-clog control valve
  • No equipment damage and feeds sanitizer directly to pool
  • Designed for ease of use and simple maintenance
  • Drain valve allows easier draining for safer recharging or winterizing
  • Standard threaded inlet and outlet fittings included for easy installation
  • 22-3/4 Inch maintenance clearance.