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5" Straight Algae Brush

  • HEAVY DUTY CLEANING – this brush is designed with super strong stainless-steel brushes – the most hardworking bristles to combat stubborn algae and dirt on concrete and gunite pools. This is NOT designed for delicate pool surfaces like vinyl liners or painted concrete.
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Molded from real aluminum and ABS plastic, this brush is super durable and long lasting plus the aluminum handle protects against rusting from harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • EASY TO USE – the 5-inch lightweight design of this brush makes it super easy to maneuver in your pool and the small frame makes it the perfect tool to reach those tight corners for a complete cleaning. Handle fits standard extensions poles.
  • USE IN AND OUT OF POOL – not only is this the perfect underwater cleaner, but it’s an extremely effective cleaning brush for the concrete and pavement around your pool’s perimeter
  • REAL SERVICE – When you purchase Milliard, you can relax knowing you have a dedicated team of real people ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are known for our 5-star customer service and are happy to help you with anything you may need.