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CAT 2000 ORP/pH Controller with Sensors


The CAT 2000 automated controller is the water quality solution for pools, spas, waterparks and a multitude of other water treatment applications world-wide. The powerful microprocessor-based design makes simple science of water chemistry maintenance under even the most challenging conditions. Constantly monitoring pH and sanitizer activity, the CAT 2000 implements chemical dosing in proportion to demand. This proportional feed capability ensures precise water conditioning without overfeeding.

For superior bacteriological water quality, CAT controllers operate utilizing the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) method of water analysis. ORP is the only reliable method proven to ensure rapid deactivation of such waterborne pathogens as E. Coli in swimming pool water. With the power to meet the demands of virtually any application, the price to please the fiscally conscious, and the simplicity to assure success in the field, the CAT 2000 is the no-compromise solution to your water chemistry control requirements.


  • Digital, microprocessor-based design with flash technology
  • Advanced Control Features including proportional feed
  • Weatherproof membrane switch front panel interface
  • All factory settings are permanently stored in memory
  • Simple installation, setup and operation
  • Compatible with all types of chemical feed equipment
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified